It is not our team, it is yours!

Donald Pai

VP, E-Commerce

Has a track record of transforming regular products and manufacturers into Top Amazon Vendors with Top 3 rankings on Amazon USA for three consecutive years.

Ken Tian

VP, Sales and Marketing

Has the perfect understanding of all the needs and wants of Chinese manufacturers and trading companies as he himself owns and operates a factory with over 500 employees along with a trading company in Shanghai which generates over 60 million RMB annually from international sales.

Sidney Tan

VP, Operations

Has previously worked with Coach and NBC Universal and has tremendous Experience in international business, operating companies in USA, Mexico, and Hong Kong.

Each of us will be busy sending your products overseas, making plans for your sales and operation management.

They are buried in your products and expand your brand's power together, everyone belongs with your team here!

John P. Alvarez

Warehouse Manger

Angel Medina

E-commerce Sales Manager

Paulina Perez

Customer Relation Manager

Martin Medina

Customer Relation Manager

Nicole Rodriguez

Account Relation Manager

Abel Ramirez Jr.

Shipping Executive Manager

Charles Chen

Amazon Sales Manager