Since 2008, E-Commerce has experienced exponential growth, doubling from a mere 3.5% of all retail sales to 7% in 2015. This unique combination of fast-growth and low market share means that there is an enormous opportunity for the sector to grow and for new dominant players to outpace industry leaders.

As technology advances and propels us one step forward in this age of globalization, E-Commerce has become an absolutely dominant sector for consumer spending. The rapid growth and spread of E-Commerce has made traditional retail giants like Wal-Mart, Sears, and Macy's closed down a combined of over 500 brick and mortar stores in 2016; shifting their emphasis to E-Commerce and allocating all exhaustible resources to carry out their E-Commerce strategies.

Myriad Enterprise is a one-stop service network that prides itself in providing international drop-shipping fulfillment, SLA logistics (SLA=Sea, Land, Air), E-Commerce management, and US Company setup, branding, and marketing services.

Myriad Enterprise's fulfillment division offers US storage and inventory of goods and drop-shipping services both to and from China and USA. Myriad Enterprise's professional logistics team has over 8 years of logistics and warehousing experience and works around the clock to get products to business and consumers alike. With the highest strengths being efficient FBA replenishment and the capacity to prcess over 30,000 orders a day.

Myriad Enterprise's one of a kind E-Commerce joint-management service is what separates us from our competitors. With over 10 years experience in E-Commerce, Myriad Enterprise has a specialized team of experts to assist in new account creation, sales channel setup, E-Commerce account optimization, and 24/7 round the clock customer service.

For E-Commerce, the biggest barriers to entry for international vendors are location, language, and culture. Many of our drop shipping clients are SMEs who have excellent products of high qualities and great pricing but their performances are being dwarfed by many local sellers because consumers want products shipped quickly from the US with a convenient return address and they want to understand the product, with product photos and descriptions written beautifully and correctly in the English language. Selling online is not as simple as listing a product and waiting for sales, it's about packaging and how the description and the listing is setup to attract high traffic and attain high conversion rates.

Why waste money hiring and training staff who are starting at zero when you can pay less for an experienced team to focus on selling more products for you? Myriad Enterprise's E-Commerce management team specializes in E-Commerce management and sales, enabling many of our clients to focus on manufacturing and procurement.

Myriad Enterprise provides an array of professional services at a fraction of standard industry rates. Myriad Enterprise's seasoned staff are professionally trained to perform fulfillment and E-Commerce management services efficiently, helping our clients to maximize any and all potential for additional income.

Our system is known to work. We have had many success stories in which our happy clients successfully become the Top 3 sellers in their categories on Amazon, growing from a SME in China and becoming a top Amazon seller and vendor with over 1 million revenue annually.

Our service also helps our clients eliminate the arduous and ever-changing learning curve of the US E-Commerce market. Our experts engage in fulfillment and E-Commerce activities daily, with the most knowledge, updates, and news about new trends, policies, and rules on the major E-Commerce platforms like Amazon, eBay, Buy.com and more.

Package B is for one sales channel, Amazon or eBay, however, if you want to have your products on other sales channels, there are many add-on services, and our monthly analytics will also recommend the most suitable sales channels for you to expand into.

Yes, if interested, please refer to Package C.

Yes, if interested, please refer to Package C.

Yes, please refer to "Additional Add-On Service".

We have had many success stories of clients becoming Amazon Vendors, selling on Walmart.com and getting their products on the shelves of big box retailers like "Macy's", "Home Depot" in USA, Mexico and Canada. For more information please refer to Package C.