Initial Set up Fees Includes

1. Myriad's client system set up.

2. Myriad's member account set up.

3. Register multiple e-commerce sales platforms for
    member products.

4. Member product depth market research.

5. Update sales to occupy market opportunities from time
    to time based on market developments.

6. Specific recommendations and inspections before shipment
    of member products to avoid unnecessary costs caused by
    packaging errors.

7. First delivery, Myriad's staff on-site guidance.

8. Quickly establish sales records.

9. Product picture suggestion reference.

10. Product packaging recommendation.

11. Sales price range suggestion reference.

12. Open chosen e-commerce platform U.S. selling account:

All product creation and sync with Myriad's system.

Services Include

1. Myriad member account:

Online access to view real-time inventory;

Online access to view real-time order processing.

2. Same day order processing & shipping.

3. Basic returns inspection & processing.

4. Real-time allocation of inventory ratio, uninterrupted FBA

5. Access to Myriad's Amazon FBA Replenishment Service.

6. Access to Myriad's discounted domestic volume shipping rates
    with USPS, DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT.

7. Myriad's API for automated processing and tracking uploads
    to selected e-commerce platform.

8. E-Commerce platform seller account management:

Product listing optimization;

Inventory management;

Order fulfillment management;

Marketing, PPC management;

Seller feedback management;

Customer support;

Monthly reporting analysis.

9. Listing creation for all products available in Myriad warehouses.

10. Maintain account metrics with chosen e-commerce platform's
      strict requirements.

11. Daily customer service of chose e-commerce platform.

12. Low inventory alert notifications.


1. Provide you with a professional Internet sales and
    management team in the United States:

U.S. e-commerce team (12+ years' experience);

Domestic & International logistics team (10+
    years' experience);

China's export Tax Drawback.

2. For the first delivery, we pay the deposit, reach the
    guarantee, and give the member complete protection

3. Selective research is accurate, reducing the risk of trial and

4. General trade bulk sales:

Sales volume is close to general trade;

Pure profit is higher than general trade, reducing the
    operating costs of member companies.

5. Free use of existing brand marketing to speed up sales.

6. The same product only works with one member to protect the
    member's rights.

7. Refined operations:

A single staff member is only responsible for one or two
    categories, and is more professional;

Product pictures, packaging, sales price, delivery have a
    special person guidance.

8. Different advertising models to choose from, give the member
    budget in advance:

Settlement based on actual expenses or advance payment
    by us;

According to different product markets, corresponding
    proportions of advertising investment.

9. Shorten daily order delivery window from 16-30 days to 1-5
    business days.

10. U.S. local returns addresses.

11. Cost effective and Time saving FBA replenishment.

12. Same day FBA shipments:

1-3 days delivery to Amazon FBA warehouses;

FBA shipments will never get returned for insufficient
    wrong label or information during inventory check-in;

Every product and shipment will be prepared and shipped
    according to FBA's guidelines and procedures;

Avoid being overcharged by FBA for items that weren't
    sold within 6 months (start from $20.70 - $41.40 per cu.ft);

· Never overstock and pay Amazon FBA's long term storage

· Never have to dispose inventory from Amazon
  warehouses for not having a U.S. local returns address;

· Amazon FBA can't return inventory for overseas locations
  - Must pay inventory disposal fee per item.

13. Fixed transportation cost, fixed COGS.

14. Waived $35 per month Myriad's API for automated
      processing and tracking uploads.

Client Requirements

1. Sets each product selling prices.

2. Must keep sufficient inventory at Myriad for all products.

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