Services Include

1. Myriad member account:

Online access to view real-time inventory;

Online access to view real-time order processing.

2. Same day order processing & shipping.

3. Low inventory alert notification via email.

4. Returns Inspection & Processing (Optional).

5. Access to Myriad's Amazon FBA Replenishment Service.

6. Access to Myriad's discounted domestic volume shipping rates
    with USPS, DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT.


1. Shorten delivery window from 16-30 days to 1-5 business

2. U.S. local return address.

3. Attract more customers as a U.S. based retailer.

4. Cost effective and Time saving FBA replenishment.

5. Same day FBA shipments:

1-3 days delivery to Amazon FBA warehouses;

FBA shipments will never get returned for insufficient wrong
    label or information during inventory check-in;

Every product and shipment will be prepared and shipped
    according to FBA's guidelines and procedures;

Avoid being overcharged by FBA for items that weren't
    sold within 6 months (start from $20.70 - $41.40 per cu.ft);

· Never overstock and pay Amazon FBA's long term
  storage fees;

Never have to dispose inventory from Amazon warehouses
    for not having a U.S. local returns address;

· Amazon FBA can't return inventory for overseas locations
  -Must pay inventory disposal fee per item.

Optional Add-on

Myriad's API for automated processing and tracking uploads ($35 per month).

Client must

Fill out daily orders form and upload to Myriad (Without using Add-on service):

A tracking number will be provided during shipment for client to
    update orders on platforms.

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