Outdoor sports, interesting spring tour.

A year's plan starts with spring. Flowers start blooming, how could you miss a chance to go out to play?

On May 19th the warm spring breeze and the bright sunshine, Myriad's two day tour has started finally!

There are various and wonderful activities, the first day: to test your physical power-climb the Taihu source, singing and dancing-KTV.

The second day people organize their team, a contest of wits and a sport-playing badminton.

Everyone is filled with cheer and laughter. The atmosphere becomes more harmonious and the team are more tacit!

This spring tour we have appreciated the beautiful natural scenery.

It shows the team's dynamic energy, and makes us become more united.

We believe that we'll be buried in our work with more fuller enthusiasm, and make Myriad brilliant.

Dragon Boat Festival belongs to you!

   Rice-dumpling-sweeping   Our team has rich experience in overseas E-commerce management, International customs clearance,
   and deeper cognition to abroad.

   Different in Dragon Boat Festival    Our team will make best plans for you, and make your product spread to more platforms

   Outstanding in Dragon Boat Festival    Our team doesn't only consider the lowest E-commence operation and warehouse delivery,
   but also pushes your product into international circle.

Happy birthday ,young forever!

Hope this year you are 18 years, next year 16 years and every year you are younger.

My dear, take this crown, you'll be our goddess and queen, then close your eyes making a wish one year.

Tonight we give you a plan to escape, forget being depressed in work、trouble in life, because tonight you are the brightest star.