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1. Dedicated U.S. management teams:

U.S. E-Commerce team (12+ years' experience);

Domestic & International logistics team (10+ years' experience);

China's Export Tax Drawback;

Retail revenue in USD;

2. Myriad Enterprise's API for automated processing and tracking

3. Shorten daily order delivery window from 16-30 days to 1-5
    business days.

4. U.S. local return address.

5. Attract more customers and achieve a higher conversion rate as a
    U.S. based retailer.

6. Cost effective and Time saving FBA replenishment.

7. Same day FBA shipments:

1-3 days delivery to Amazon FBA warehouses;

FBA shipments will never get returned for insufficient wrong
    label or information during inventory check-in;

Never overstock and pay Amazon FBA's long term storage fees
    ($20.70 - $41.40 / cu.ft);

Never have to dispose inventory from Amazon warehouses for
    not having a U.S. local returns address;

Amazon FBA can't return inventory for overseas locations –
   Must pay inventory disposal fee per item;

How much does it cost to start and maintain an E-Commerce company? (Selling in the USA)

Client Revenue VS Expense Calculation Presentation Sample

Table automatically calculate member's profit margin base on individual product information (base on package B)

Fulfllment Basic Evaluation   We ship for Client
Length (inches)
Width (inches) Height (inches)
Amazon Category Fees% (Consumer Electronics) 15% Dimension 12.8 7.9 1.9
Weight 8 oz
Storage Fee Per Cu. Ft. $0.03 per cu ft per day Warehouse Entry Fee $0.00 per unit (estimate)
Order Handling fee: (Ready to ship - based on weight) $0.63 Total units in warehouse 2 x orders per month
Postage Cost (Ground - based on weight) $2.72 Package B commission 7% of monthly sales
COGS 30% of selling price
Monthly Revenue & Expense & Profit Review
Average Selling Price Order Per Day Revenue Amazon Fee Order Handling Fee Storage Cost Package B commission Profit After COGS & Expenses
$25.00 80 $60,000.00 $9,000.00 $8,040.00 $480.64 $4,200.00 $20,279.36

Base on above product

Net Profit

1. Product Dimension: 12.8"x7.9"x1.9"

2. Product Weight: 8oz

3. Warehouse Entry Fee: $0.00

4. Inventory: Monthly Sales Volume X2

5. Product Cost: 30% of Retail Price

6. Average Retail Price: $25.00

7. Daily Sales: 80pcs

8. Package B commission :$4,200

9. Storage Fee: $0.03/cu ft

10. Order Handling Fee: $0.63/based on weight

11. Shipping Cost: $2.72/based on weight

12. Amazon & Ebay Fee: 15% (Retail Price)

Base on above data: (Monthly)

1. Gross Sales: $60,000.00

2. Order Handling Fee: $8,040.00

3. Storage Cost: $480.64

4. Amazon & eBay Fee: $9,000.00

Net Profit: $20,279.36

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