Maximizing Profit with Myriad

In 2017, eBay had over 6.7 million sellers and Amazon had over 177.87 billion U.S. dollars in sales. The E-Commerce market is projected to top 2.304 trillion dollars in the near future, with the U.S. generating 446.8 billion dollars. Myriad has maintained excellent track records on Amazon, with 10 to 15 members achieving Amazon best seller recognitions yearly, with annual gross sales of over 10,000,000 USD. Myriad's team of professionals in Los Angeles and Shanghai synchronizes to provide round the clock service to all of our members, ensuring growth and success.

Multi-Faced One Stop Solution

Myriad provides services such as import, export, logistics, E-Commerce account management, wholesale, marketing, branding, storage and fulfillment. Additionally, many members benefit from our complementary monthly in-depth sales and trends analytic reports. Myriad focuses on the sales and E-Commerce aspects of the business, allowing members to focus on R&D and production.

Work with the best, Work with the Industry Leader, Work with Myriad

Real time access to all information at through Myriad's smart fulfillment system[SFS]. View account details, daily sales progression, retrieve any shipment information, and track any package location.

Insured by both U.S. and China based institutions to protect our members.